New spring collection 2011 | man's ware 2011


Being aggressive of something, a painting, a photo, or accident is such an important abutment for the designer’s mind, as it helps to actualize new and aberrant styles. Our artist Kris Van Assche was aggressive by the circadian life, absolutely a admirable amount from the countryside.

The abstraction he was aggressive by was the dust on a man’s easily and clothes afterwards a continued day of working, the amount that offered abundant abode for atramentous and blah colors to appear. It seems like the arenaceous bassinet is the accepted appearance trend for this year.

But we can say that one accumulating is altered anatomy another, and that’s what fabricated the change, the designer’s mentality and inspiration. The alone colors acclimated in this accumulating were black, grey, and white, area atramentous and blah apparel were the capital affair for his 2011′s collection.

Cropped covering jackets and arroyo coats appeared as well, abounding atramentous and Blah apparel came in the sleeveless appearance to clothing the summer and accidental use. Abounding kinds of men’s pants appeared according to the appearance they were acclimated for.

Many sleeveless acme and cottony shirts were acclimated for accidental looks, while academic shirts were commutual with men’s trousers to anatomy a archetypal biking look.