Feet Mehndi Designs 2012 | Bridal Mehandi Designs For Girls | Spring Feet Mehndi


Many women and girls like to apply mehndi designs on foot along with the hands too. The designs and the way of applying mehndi on foot is very different that that of hands. The mehndi is gently designed over the upper side of the food. The women who designs mehndi over her.  latest Mehndi designs for footis very likeable by the girls. Mostly these designs are adopted on the New year Party, Wellcomed party, Eid, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding and other religious festivals. The mehndi pasted on the foot is becoming the latest fashion because as earlier the women are not pastedthe mehndi designs on foot. Some old and ancesstors women are only placed the mehndi. Those women are not pasted the designs like on the hands.Basically this trends come from the saudi arabia and this trend make the success in western countries also. The western Countries are also loved to applying the mehndi designs on their body parts.Mehndi was a culture, but in today’s fashion world, Mehndi is becoming an art. Mehndi henna art on the quality of the artists showing their work is excellent. But here, we share some henna Oasis, where his designs represent great artists of Indian Mehndi Designs, Arabic Mehndi Latest Design, Fashion and Bridal henna body art of Mehndi .In  some form of Mehndi  work is excellent. Let’s take a look at her Mehndi designs amazing. Indian Mehndi Designs are available in the markets. You can choose the various but classical designs from the various sites as well. foot should not walk until the mehndi dries in order to prevent the design from getting spoiled.