Male waxing methods | How gents can remove hair..?

More and more men decide to remove body hair completely or partially . For this there are different methods of hair removal that should be evaluated before opting for any of them. Then you will know them all.

One of the systems faster and easier removal, although it is also true that its effects last a few days. It is preferable to use it for specific occasions because what makes the blade is cutting the hair, not uproot so soon reappears. As is the case with the face, you have to put gels or foams that facilitate shaving and avoid shaving irritation.

It is also a very simple, clean and easy method, but neither offers much durability. The only downside I would see the vast majority of its users is the aroma that is quite strong and unpleasant, but it is increasingly common to find scented depilatory creams .

It is one of the home or salon that offers systems best temporary results. The hair is torn off completely and the skin is perfectly clean, without any shading or similar roots. It can be annoying or even painful, but a good solution is waxing when the hair is not too long to avoid those nasty jerks. There are 3 types of wax cold, warm and hot. The latter is best, as the heat opens the pores and facilitates proper hair removal.

There are two types of blades: cutting and depilatory . As its name suggests, the first cutting hair, while you pluck seconds using a roller system with tweezers. If using the latter, it is convenient to leave the hair not grow too to avoid jerks.

It is the only definitive method. A few years ago was a luxury available to very few but there are now a lot more competition from specialized centers, so the prices are quite affordable. Not all types of skin and hair can be treated with this system, so you should first make a preliminary study to assess your personal characteristics.