The style is Ozwald Boateng | Black man Coat Style | Ozwald Boateng possibly one of the smartest men in the world

Ozwald Boateng is more than a name. For some, like my partner Beatriz Serrano is one of the smartest men in the world. Ambitious words that the designer, whose professional life has led to the documentary "The coolest man in the world" (A Man's Story), it stands as they deserve. Score one for him from Men's Fashion.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to one of the projections of Canal + in its cycle # canalplusestademoda , a project since last year has been bringing the world of fashion to the small screen with a series of documentaries that have any waste and surely are equally interesting for the uninitiated in the art and for those who do not know anything about this industry worth millions.

And last night was the turn of Ozwald Boateng and his documentary “The coolest man in the world "( A Man's Story ), an essential item for anyone interested in men's fashion. A film set for over ten years in the life of the designer and playing all the clubs: his career, with its ups and downs, his romantic and family life, his time in Givenchy and personal dramas. No you can not lose.

That Ozwald Boateng has estilazo is something you see from the first frame, its height 1.92 could have made him a fashion model, but in the film it is clear that his passion was always the sponsorship. English, particularly in London, captures the best of this elegant and classic British style that Lord Boateng explodes and leads to end further using a palette reminiscent of Africa. Because that's Ozwald Boateng , an Englishman very connected to their African origins, which never ceases to draw inspiration from anywhere in the world, as he says, not that I look for, is that he is a creative person and absorbed.

I always thought how hard it must be for a designer, plus create your own collections (at least two a year, if not launch a cruise collection), also working for a prestigious fashion house. This challenge arises in the documentary with the passage of Boateng for Givenchy and shows (not to give too much information, it is best that you see you) actually is a Diamond or work and if you want to be trendy and present several collections a year, something in your life will end reeling: if not your collection for Givenchy, or your personal collection, maybe it is, and here is the difficulty to maintain a balance within the world of fashion, your personal life.

The documentary Ozwald Boateng is this: the balance. It is very interesting to see how our protagonist loses everything and get it back again. Lose money, earn money, lost love, get back, lost the papers sometimes, but generally falls Ozwald Boateng you well on screen: their style , sense of humor and above all, the passion that conveys what ago from his playing tissues, how they prepare the collection until his nerves before any parade.
Ozwald Boateng shows in this documentary, with high doses of style, when your dreams come true often are not as you expected, the fashion world is cyclical and your life depends on this world so unstable, it is also cyclical and always have to fight to be where you want to be, by far you've fought before, even your name is Ozwald Boateng. Do not miss it.