Very Simple Black and Shimmery Grey Night-out Makeup Tutorial

This really is just for the most important events in your life like your wedding friends wedding, these style of events. you'll be able to tell already however eye catching this is often and wonderful ambiance it brings out.

1. begin with a skinny brush, apply the black from corner to corner (eyelid) and proceed 0.5 approach round the lid.

2. beginning thick in corner and so began to feature it terribly gently. Finishing 0.5 approach on the lid.

3. currently with the remaining empty house apply the silver memory simply to gently brush it in with the black to allow it that mix have an effect on.

4. Apply the makeup (top and bottom) terribly thickly to allow it that final lovely dark impact.

Keep in mind to feature the war paint thickly to bring it all at once for that final stand out impact.