Yahsir Waheed Lawn Collection 2014 E-Catalogue | Yahsir Waheed Exhibition-2014

Yahsir Waheed is visionary fashion designer belongs to Pakistani fashion industry. He is always been beacon of light for other leading fashion brands. Due to the experienced inspirational clothing and creative leadership skills he  has achieved lots of fame in women's. This season he is once again in limelight for the recent Yahsir Waheed Lawn 2014 E-Catalogue. Because his lawn dresses are chic milestone in summer fashion with eye catchy patterns and unique detailing. You are thinking How? Let me explain you that when last time he hold Yahsir Waheed Exhibition-2014 in Karachi then within few hours sold our board has taken place. And now once again Yahsir Waheed is going to exhibit the Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014 by YW at Islamabad from 24th to 27th march 2014 at Islamabad hotel. Before running for Exhibition checkout the Yahsir Waheed 2014, E-Catalogue.
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