Bonanza Satrangi Always Karo Yaqeen Collection 2014 Footage | Bonanza Satrangi S/S'14

Bonanza Satrangi S/S'14
Today we have spotted the Pooja Achria designer dresses has been launched in Bonanza Satrangi S/S'14. Everyone wants to know about Pooja Achria so we inform you; that she is the winner of Always Star hunt. Few days ago Procter & Gamble Pakistan was held star hunt project with the name of " Always Karo Yaqeen " to dig-out young motivated fashion designers; who could take the whole responsibilities of Bonanza Satrangi collection 2014. Fortunately, Pooja Achria has won the star hunt and accepted the patronage of the biggest and oldest retail clothing house " Bonanza Garments ". Under the mentorship f Bonanza, today Pooja designer lawn 2014 has been launched; and really the Bonanza Satrangi Always Karo Yaqeen Collection 2014 include remarkable designs. Every dress embodies the womanhood spirit, and show of the confidence as well the empowerment of women. Star hunt winner Pooja has taken the task; and followed the simple designing philosophy with the blends of modern techniques in dyeing, printing and embellishment. She understands the needs of south Asian women; therefore she has adorned Satrangi Dresses for Always Karo Yaqeen with thread embroidery and screen print to make perfect attires for different occasions. This Satrangi Always Karo Yaqeen 2014 by Bonanza is available in ready to wear style in shocking and bright tones combination. Bonanza Satrangi 2014 is best to wear as official wear, dinner dresses, friends gathering and tea parties to grasp attention. Here is the passionate The Always Karo Yaqeen - Satrangi by Bonanza footage, have a look to add Melange, dignity and elegance.
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