Fahad Hussayn Luxury Pret Collection 2014 at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014

Fahad Hussayn Luxury Pret Collection 2014
Arena of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 has set up again; and every fashion designer been observed to get ahead in the fashion race. Sometimes dissemination has kissed the feet of Arsalan Iqbal; and suddenly PFDC audience has replaced the status by appreciating ali Xeeshan and Mohsin ali on day 1 for Luxury Pret collections. After the first segment of Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014, second session has given rise to Shehla Chatoor designs 2014 and Deepak Perwani Dresses 2014; although! Muse and Elan were in competition too. Day 2 of PSFW 2014 has revealed many impeccable designer wear; who has showcased chic, luxe and luxury pret collections on the runway. Glamour, tradition, modernity and majestic colors has covered the fashion show beautiful and sensuality of trends had fascinated the audience. Overall PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 day1 / 2 has globally introduced many knock-out styles for S/S 2014. Day 3 of PSFW'14 has begun with unseen luxury Pret line that has dazzled the runway. In day 3 luxury pret Karma Pink, Nida Azwer, Body Focus Museum and Fahad Hussayn Luxury Pret Collection 2014 was showcased. But only Fahad Hussayn has achieved recognition in crowd for Kaala paani RUNWAY collection 2014. Because! Fahad Hussayn Kaala Paani Collection'14 had brought monochromatic theme in evocative contours and sheer embellishment on luxury pret dresses for both men and women. Every dress had reflected the deeper fashion sense and expertise of Fahad Hussayn with powerful eastern and western blends, sophisticated styles produced with advance techniques to create a drama on ramp. Here is the Luxury Pret Collection 2014 of Fahad Hussayn, ave a glance.
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