Mausummery Lawn 2014 Volume-2 | Mausummery Spring/Summer Collection 2014 Vol-2

Mausummery Lawn 2014 Volume-2
Mausummery Lawn is presenting Spring / summer Collection 2014 volume-2 consisting of 10 amazing designs wih splashing colors. At this time Mausummery has invited the consumers to explore the rich cultured beauty of new Mausummery Lawn 2014 prints inspired by the classic artisan-ship of the ottoman empire and very own regal heritage of he sub-continent. This season floral, ethnic, Serena, Islamic, fantasy, coral, Tuscany, marvel and springy patterns with sharp palette is dominated by the vibrancy of deep red, blue indigo's, crimsons and purest of whites. Epitomizing pakistani unique design philosophy of rendering the traditional sub-continental design motifs in contemporary terms. Second edition of Mausummery summer lawn collection 2014 Vol-2 invites women to drape these lush color palette of royal heritage. Mausummery Pakistan once again thank you for your patronage and look forward to your continued delight in latest collection of summer 2014. Let's give a deeper dive in the most stylish valley of fashion invented by Mausummery as Spring/Summer Lawn 2014 Volume-2 in pocket friendly prices.
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