Rose Classic Lawn Summer 2014 VOL:4 LookBook by Sunny Textile - PVT Faisalabad

Sunny Textiles is one of the leading ethnic wear producer; the company has priceless experience in creating new and successful designs. Sunny Textiles PVT Faisalabad provides designer printed dresses to give you unbelievable shopping experience of Sunny collections from designer dresses. This season SunnyTex has delivered 4 stunning Rose classic 2014 Vol-1/2/3 and now Rose Classic Lookbook summer 2014 Vol-4 has brought. Rose Classic Lawn 2014 VOL:4 is the combination of elegance and classy signature styles of the folden era. Which has been defined again in Rose Summer Classic Lawn with digital prints. This digital printed classic lawn featuring decorative and abstract patterns and petals. Sunny designer team has brought the whole new light of cultural patterns inspired with nature on simple and elegant style with fancy tailoring. Paisley etiquette is prominent with lighter layers and muted hues, than graphic appeal is enchanting because of beautiful, reversible and utterly practical palettes. These brilliantly colored printed dresses look perfect with multi color patterns that has been decorated with foliage motifs all over the dress. Rose classic lawn volume 4 also include geometric patterned borders on dupatta proliferate the look of the attire. Let's have a closer look of Rose Classic Lawn VOL 4 LookBook by Sunny Textile.
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