Star Classic Lawn 2014 Catalogue | Star Classic Lawn Vol-01 / Vol-02 Designs

This is another colorful Spring-Summer Collection 2014 of Naveed Nawaz Textiles. In this Lawn suiting NNT has brought two stunning Star Classic Lawn 2014 Vol-1/2 Catalogs. Classic lawn is the ultimate form of sophistication and Star Classic Lawn designs are the true definition of modern and chic that adds value to your look. So this time, Star Classic Lawn Collections 2014 includes classy and glamorous prints on high class patterns to add a dive of fashion in a lower prices. Star Classic Lawn Vol-01 / Vol-02 Designs are based on historical manifest prints with simple and beautiful designing philosophy. With the core concept of simplicity in printed classic lawn, Naveed Nawaz has brought distinct lawn prints with diversity of timeless printing techniques like screen printing, block printing and dyeing art. Let's give a closer look at SITARA / Star Classic Lawn Collection 2014 by Naveed Nawaz Textiles.
The name of Naveed Nawaz Textiles has emerged on the horizon of Pakistan's textile industry in 1996. A modest start in the beginning with limited financial and other resources, soon flourished to bear fruit owning to the determination and dedication if its workers. With an honest approach in dealing, within the organization and with customers, vendors and related agencies, took the group a step ahead and is a vital factor contributing to its success today. Naveed Nawaz Textiles are the manufacturer of such a fine fabric that is woven with care and dyed in brilliant natural shades adding elegance to the world of clothing. The fabric is of incomparable quality and styles to give soothing comfort.
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