Taana Baana Summer Collection 2014 Vol-2 | Taana Baana Summer Line 2014 Volume-2

Taana Baana is not just an Embroidered fabric, It is fashion store who is working with the vision of Take Notice; Get Noticed in fashion. Taana Baana was established to provide traditional Pakistani clothes with complete new look in affordable price on intricate embroidered fabrics. Undoubtedly! Taana Baana has strived to give latest Embroidered Dresses designs in seasonal collections like always, And today once again Taana Baana Summer Collection 2014-2015 Volume-2 has brought such stylish lawn dresses; that has been designed to provide pleasure in sunny summer with carefully finished artistic look. Taana Baana has officially tagged as "Taana Baana Summer Murmurs Line 2014 | VOL 2". In Summer Line 2014, Taana Baana has manufactured unflinching embroidered dresses; that has been produced on cultural patterns of salwar kameez artfully decorated with classic embroidery and ethnic dyes. Taana Baana Summer Line 2014 Volume-2 looks very elegant because many new lawn styles with small and less prints has been thrown with high class tailoring designs. Each dress of Taana Baana carry the modern development; and has customized designs of long shirts, Angrakha, Open shirts, Eastern Sleeveless, full sleeves and semi printed fabric and Embroidery dresses. Designer team of Taana Baana Summer Line 2014 Vol-2 has really brought fabulous clothes designs of summer, You will feel pride after wearing the immaculately detailed fashionable summer dresses in Murmurs Take Notice and Get Noticed collection 2014. Have a single sight.
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