Belle Bleak Formal Collection 2014 | Belle Summer Formal Wear Dresses-14

Whenever, a western collection comes in-front of a girls; suddenly a question arises in mind; that why we wear western ? if we have so many choices in eastern wear. Ya i understands! that being a eastern girl you love your traditions, living style and moral values etc. But wearing western inspired dresses doesn't mean leave your culture. We just want to keep you up with the challenges of modern era and  confident girls while sitting in high societies. And same is the aim of Belle Boutique. Who strongly likes the Pakistani tradition but is giving the importance to modern demands. Because modern way of dressing is the need to be the center of attention. Hence the newly emerged Belle fashion has started with a modern concept of dressing in the debut collection of pret formal wear 2014. Belle has titled the collection as "Bleak"; Which means Darkness, So the logic of designing is cleared through a single word; that Bleak collection has been designed for the dark or night functions. Belle by saadiah humaiyun has picked western amalgamation to deliver you the best and stylish trend for upcoming events. The formal collection include summer friendly fabrics with first class designing and embellishments.  Saadiah humaiyun prepares to dazzle the international clothing industry by Bleak Formal Collection; hence she has designed customer satisfied dresses. Ranging sophisticated and superior ornamentation on bright, vivid and immensely popular shades of season. The main fabrics of Belle Summer Formal Wear Dresses-14 are net, organza, jamawar, silk with regal textures. Here is the summer formals, Look and enjoy the parties.
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