Free Mehndi Patterns for Eid | Henna Drawings 2014-15 New Designs

 Henna is an Asian art and to be the mehndi expert drawing and sketching henna is basic step, and making own Mehndi drawing book with own created patterns is second step. Those Mehndi Artist who care above mentioned two steps a lot they will succeed. As day by day girls are joining the Mehndi world and being a newbie they didn't get free Mehndi Patterns / Henna Drawings for ideas; so we decided to provide them a platform which give the hints about mehndi, fashion and accessories trends. And today we have the few useful footage for our mehndi lovers; who likes to draw mehndi with inspiration. But first of all thanks to Henna Vibes and Ash Kumar for the Henna Patterns; who has provided such a informative stuff. These Mehndi Patterns has been created for Eid and very simple cuts like paisley, flower, leaf, dots with  natural shaped and geometrical patterns has used. Newbie mehndi designer can easily follow these mehndi designs to draw unique styles on eid day as well house wives can also get inspiration to decorate their daughter hands. But before applying on hand please do practice on paper; or prints these Mehndi images and draw with the help of carbon paper and get expertise on Drawing.
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