Hadiqa Kiani Lawn 2014 Vol-2 | HKFW Summer Vol-2 2014 With Prices

Hadiqa Kiani Lawn 2014 Vol-2
The Coral Fantasy, Chunri Chunri, Pink Class, Rangoli, Black Feast, Rang Mela and Pastel Fantasy in HKFW summer collection 2014 Vol.2 by the great designer Hadiqa Kiani comprises of innovative lawn silhouettes, flowing fabrics, understated embroidery and a swirling confection of pleasant, breezy pastel shades. The glorious and soothing Hadiqa Kiani lawn collection brings forth a refreshing contemporary style that can transition from a bright summer day brunch to evening events, where you'd like to make a feminine picture with perfect statement. The radiance of tapestries that stay you classy and celebrate the colors of summer in its unique way to give you a shine in summer with overwhelming patterns; that demand of the era. Hadiqa kiani has translated the mysteries of prints on HKFW lawn collection 2014 vol 2 on correct designs.
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