Makeup Tips for Summer 2014 | Easy to Follow Summer Makeup Tips

When summer arrives girls always get worried about their looks as well fashion trend varies with the change of season , just turns up every season . Blazing Sun is ready to wash makeup with sweat. So the best way is simple and light makeup in the summer. Today we inform you what kind of make-up is suitable for the summer season .
Here are top 5 Summer Makeup Tips:
1 -  Concealer -  Foundation can show your face a little heavy  so please apply Bciye Foundation or Concealer. It will remove the face stains and brings immaculate beauty by erasing spots . To get the simple and attractive look you can use Liquid Concealer too. 
2 - Blush - Apply Blush smartly on cheeks in light texture witll increase your looks in summer By applying  blush on the cheeks perfectly you will be ready for the day. 
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