Best piping neckline tutorial for embroidered shirts - Lesson 8

piping neckline for embroidered shirts
 Today we give you tips to designs your embroidered shirt neckline according to embroidery shape. Well many times after buying embroidered dress we get confused that what type of neck design suits on shirt. So after reading this tutorial in future you get rid off from confusion.
1- Before making of thinking for any neck style please first look at what kind of shape embroidery actually have in neck.
2- Don't go for stylish neckline with embroidered shirts because it can cause the damage of dress look.
3- Dress is casual or formal, if casual then you can take risk of any mistake but if formal then carefully follow every step.
4- After getting idea of shape of neckline please draw the graph on paper then draw on stitch witchery.
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