Multani Hand Embroidered Kurtis Collection 2014-2015 | Chiffon Kurtis

Chiffon Hand Embroidered Kurtis
Today another classy style of hand-made kurtis from multan is hitting your closet. Past few years are witness of massive change in women fashion, change of techniques and demands. The whole scenario of change revolves around the matchless and flawless designs. Day by day increasing number of designers and brands are expanding fashion. This emergence is bringing diversity and competition. So every player is putting best in clothing, footwear and accessories for greater attention. So here is modern example of change in fashion. In this collection you can see that how skillful artist has translated the classic work of chikankari and shades work in modern way for kurtis
Shade work and chikankari art is popular crafts of Multan, Punjab. It is the ethnic and native art of Pakistan; which also popular in India as lucknowi embroidery. Most exquisite, intricate and fine defined thread work gave accessibility to every women wardrobe. Multani hand embroidery is one of the ancient art of decorating clothes in which artist use thread and needle with fabric.
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