Momina Teli Designer | Evening Wear For EID Parties Collection 2014-15

Momina Teli EID Wear-2014-15
In this hot blazing summer, you can’t afford to wear extra heavily embroidered formal dresses but at the same time, you can’t really get away from them altogether. Your true style speaks out loud when everyone finds you in a perfectly trendy party wear carried gracefully by you. So if you are looking for some formal wear that can keep you looking outclass without getting you messed up with the heavy embroidery, you definitely need to check out Momina Teli’s Formal Wear Collection 2014 to make the right choice. From among Momina Teli Evening Wear For EID, you can select the most luxuriously embellished and stylish-looking dresses that will keep you feeling light this summer. After all Momina Teli Designer is the promising new artist, who has the specialty of making all her outfits right according to the latest trends and cuts while keeping them quite easy to carry. In Momina Teli’s Pakistani Parties Collection 2014, you can find a combination of jumpsuits and trousers with capes covering all over. Each cape is the symbol of luxury in itself. It’s covered with beautiful embroidery all over giving it a grand and magnificent look. 
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