ZARQASH Eid Collection 2014 by Areeba Naeem | Luxury SILK Dresses

Luxury SILK Eid Dresses-15Zarqash by Areeba Naeem, is a brand that weaves together the nuances of royalty and history in its fabrics and designs. It is a new line of designer fabrics. The motifs have been organized, taking imagination from Kashmiri embroidery, Chinese landscapes, French jewelry, vintage Victorian art and nature. These unique synthesis of designs have been well thought through before bringing them to life in endearing silhouettes. ZARQASH Eid Collection 2014 designs implore a vibrant mix of colours, shades and tones, which range from sunset oranges, royal purples, lavender, charcoal black, dusky pinks to gold beiges, lime greens, peach and blood scarlet. The luxurious and rich fabrics used would just slink through your hands leaving you with wanting more. High end fabrics of Luxury SILK Dresses have been designed and manufactured using the modern techniques of digital printing, embellished with hand embroidered motifs and a myriad of materials like laces, buttons, pearls and crystals. Each design come as a complete ensemble with silk dupattas and offers various options for styling in ZARQASH Luxury Silk Eid Collection 2014 by Areeba Naeem. This EID line will be available from 5th July 2014 exclusively at Portia Fabrics.
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